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Why the Mark is right for you.

Corrects Spinal & Hip Imbalances

Strategize your route to recovery.

A tight iliacus can compromise spinal, hip, and pelvic health. By addressing this muscle, you prevent associated discomfort and restore overall muscular balance.

Addresses Root Causes of Sciatica

The cause of pain isn’t usually where you feel it.

Misaligned pelvis due to tight hip flexors can trigger sciatic pain. Target the underlying cause, not just the symptoms.

Restores Hip Mobility & Strength

Move purposefully, not painfully.

Unlock your full range of motion by targeting pivotal muscles, enhancing flexibility, and preventing joint wear.

Precision Targeting for Core Pain

Don't ignore the most crucial muscle for full body health.

Misalignment can cause undue joint stress. The Mark targets the root, realigning your pelvis and alleviating associated pain.

Eliminates pain in 90 seconds

Heal effectively and efficiently.

Achieve deep muscle relaxation and pain relief in just 90 seconds. No other tool offers such targeted efficiency.

Realign, Restore, Revitalize

Start your journey to the optimal.

By relaxing the iliacus and psoas, the Mark sets off a chain reaction, allowing your body to return to its natural, pain-free state.

Empower your journey to holistic health with the precision of the Mark.

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Meet The Hip Hook

Relieve your hip and back pain

The Hip Hook releases tension and solves for pain in the most crucial part of your body - the iliacus and psoas muscles. Tight hip flexors must be treated to restore the entire body to an optimal state. Both muscles must be relaxed to alleviate your pain permanently. Prolonged and applied pressure will solve your pain for good. Simplicity is key.

How to use The Hip Hook

Let the belly button be your guide

Let your belly button act as a guide to find your hip flexors and the Hip Hook will take care of the rest. Thousands have already experienced relief and recovery by finally targeting one of the most important muscles in the body.


Crafted with anatomic precision for tension relief in only 90 seconds.  Its unique shape, form, and carefully engineered contours are specifically designed to emulate the pressure and accuracy of a skilled practitioner’s thumb. 

Performance Materials

Constructed to ensure durability and reliability. Carefully selected materials such as brushed stainless steel, biocompatible rubber, a PC/ABS blend, and molded silicone are meticulously combined to create a comfortable user experience.


The Mark’s strategically designed wide footprint and non-slip surface guarantee a stable and secure experience for users. With certainty that the stability of the tool will support therapeutic needs, the Mark will enable users to confidently and safely address their muscle pain.

Range Of Motion

The Mark’s range of motion is designed to optimize therapeutic efficacy. Its carefully crafted shape and dimensions enable users to reach the iliacus and psoas effectively, ensuring maximum impact with every use.

Specs & Tech

The Mark is innovative in both design and method. Whereas other tools address the psoas only, the Mark mirrors a skilled practitioner's thumb, allowing it to also reach your iliacus.


Polycarbonate/acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (PC/ABS)

Bio-compatiable thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)

Brushed Stainless Steel

Molded Silicone


Weight: 10 oz

Width: 4.75 in

Length: 10 in

Height: 3.75 in

US Patent No. 11,246,791
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Frequently asked questions

How does the Mark differ from other hip flexor or psoas release tools?

Other tools on the market focus only on the psoas muscle, but do not address the iliacus muscle at all. For best results, you need to treat both muscles.

The Mark was designed by a physical therapist to access both the psoas AND iliacus muscles, making it the most effective tool to release your hip flexors.

The size and shape of the Mark’s tip replicates a skilled practitioner’s fingers, allowing it to penetrate deeper into your muscles and with more precision than other tools.

Press into the psoas with the tip straight up. Access angles that you could never reach before by pressing down on the handle to rotate the tip of the Mark. This is how you get to the iliacus.

What is the difference between the psoas and the iliacus muscles?

Your hip flexor is made up of the iliacus and psoas, which are intimately connected near the hip, but are still two separate muscles. These muscles perform similar, yet different functions in the body. They also have different attachment points and are innervated by different nerve roots.

If there is tension in one, there is likely tension in both. Releasing tension in one but not the other will lead to short-term results. For the best and longest-lasting results, you should be releasing both your iliacus and psoas muscles.

Can't I just use a lacrosse ball?

No. A lacrosse ball is not big enough to reach the psoas or the iliacus. While a larger ball may be able to reach the psoas in a diffuse way, it still will not be able to target the iliacus on the inside of the pelvic bone.

The patented design of the Mark allows for firm, direct, and precise pressure to both the psoas and iliacus muscles from many different angles.

Once you try it, you will find that it is able to target the psoas and iliacus in a way that no ball or other self-release technique or tool can.

Will the Mark address my pain?

Tension in the iliacus and psoas muscles can have a huge impact throughout the entire body because it can twist your core affecting not only your back and hips, but your lower and upper body.

The Mark has helped thousands of people overcome:

Lower back pain
SI joint pain
Hip pain
Hip impingement
Sciatica or piriformis syndrome
Knee pain
Plantar fasciitis
Disc injuries
Anterior pelvic tilt
Twisted pelvis
Leg length discrepancy

And much more...

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