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Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

What to give the person who has everything, plus a few dozen single-use kitchen gadgets? Here’s the thing: gift-giving isn’t always about filling up someone’s sock drawer.

Buying a gift for the person who has everything gives something more: it allows the recipient to feel loved, appreciated, and seen in all their bizarre quirkiness. (And if you think someone isn’t bizarre or quirky, just look more closely).

This basic human need to be seen and appreciated doesn’t always translate to an Amazon wishlist. 

So think of a gift like a secret handshake, or a note written in invisible ink. Thoughtful gifts are a way of celebrating and strengthening relationships, and letting this person know that you’ve thought about them in the moments when they weren’t even there.

Gifts for the Person who has everything. Including germs.

The PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

I’ll bet this person doesn’t have a virus-killing tanning bed for their cell phone. This unique gift is perfect for both the germaphobe and the wisely cautious Covid survivor. And even if/when this pandemic ends, and the majority of the world goes back to barely washing their hands, this little device may still be a literal lifesaver.

This is a unique gift for someone who is hard to buy for, and it works on anything that will fit in the tiny UV coffin. And for those who can’t bear to part with their phone, even for a moment, it has acoustics so they don’t have to stop listening to their TED talk while their phone is being sanitized. Now that is modern efficiency. Or codependency, depending.

Gifts for the Person who has everything. Including back pain or hip pain.

The Hip Hook

Giving the gift of pain relief is possibly one of the best gifts you could ever give. For those people in your life with hip or back pain –especially the ones who are pretending it’s not a big deal, but you know it is– the Hip Hook is a gift-wrapped blessing. This is the only muscle-release tool that addresses the deeper muscles that create hip and back pain, like the iliacus and the psoas, and help fix the root cause of the problem. It’s like sending a physical therapist home with them. And if this person is unlikely to take action before having ALL the information, you might pair it with the bestselling book: Tight Hip, Twisted Core, where they’ll learn what causes hip and back pain and gives them simple tools for releasing muscle tension and reducing pain. 

Especially if this person has unresolved chronic hip or lower back pain, the Hip Hook is an excellent unique gift. It gets at the pain from a different angle and has received rave reviews for reducing or eliminating pain at the source. From an aesthetic standpoint, it’s honestly elegant and stands out as being far more giftable than the vibrating guns and knobs and heat wraps.

Gifts for the Person who has everything. Including a favorite pet.

Stylized Custom Pet Portrait

Beyond being downright adorable, this purchase helps fund an animal shelter. Unique gift purchased, animals fed, everyone wins. As a person who has everything, if they have a dog and a social media account, then you’ve got a picture of their dog. And given how many artists are offering this within their own styles, you could offer a unique gift of a pet portrait resembling anything from a Picasso or an Andy Warhol print.

Gifts for the person who has everything. Including time-management issues.

The Action Method Journal

An eco-friendly journal that helps you separate those “if I had my own private island” ideas from the “what to make for dinner on Tuesday night” ideas. Because some people live by Google docs and some people live by post-its and Sharpies, and being a good gift giver means showing you know which one this person prefers. And everybody loves to be seen and appreciated for their quirks, even if it means they have a lot more paper recycling.

Gifts for the person who has everything. Including a mouth.

Taylor Jay’s Metallic 3-Layer Silk Beaded Face Cover

There’s no doubt that face masks will be a popular stocking stuffer this year. But giving a unique face mask, from a local business, is this year’s equivalent of earrings. Let’s be honest: half of our faces are going to be covered in fabric for a while, so let’s make them gorgeous (and eco-friendly and made by a mother-daughter team). Jump on the bandwagon and buy from a small business with high-quality products, while delighting the mask-wearing fashionista in your life.

Gifts for the person who has everything. Including family and friends.

Long Distance Touchlamp

As a kid, this is what I imagined the future to be. Sold in sets of two, each person has their own lamp (and don’t we all secretly want to buy a gift where we get to keep half of it?) but you can link more together. Each person in the chain has a different color and when you touch the lamp, it changes the color of your friend’s lamp to let them know you’re thinking about them. Whaaaat? Like I said: the future. Trust me: your person who has everything does not have this. 

Honestly, this just tickles my sweetness bone. It also tickles my lazy bone, and leaves me wondering if I can cut down on some of the phone calls by just touching the lamp. Either way, Covid-times or not, this is a beautifully subtle way to stay in touch and stay connected and definitely fills the void as a gift for the person who has everything. Plus, these lamps are manufactured in partnership with WIN, the Wichita Women's Initiative Network, to support survivors of physical and/or emotional abuse. Oh, my heart. 

Gifts for the person who has everything. And doesn’t want anything else.

Gift a Goat to Someone Else

Heifer International is an amazing organization that helps families feed themselves and give back to their communities. You can, literally, fund the purchase of a goat, which provides the animal plus education and training in its care. The family receives nourishment through milk and cheese, an opportunity for income through sales of milk, and natural fertilizer (yes, that) for their crops. 

Not a fan of goats? (What is wrong with you?!) You can gift a hive of honeybees, a flock of ducks, a heifer, an alpaca, or a water buffalo. Your unique gift gives joy to countless people and your person who has everything still has everything, and nothing else.

For the Person who has Everything. Including a compulsive love of miniatures.

DIY Wooden Dollhouse

Admit it: we all have a strange fascination with very tiny things. At this point, who among us hasn’t spent five minutes of their life watching [at least] one video of a hedgehog having a tiny dinner party? Truly tiny things are immensely mesmerizing! From a library with tiny Virginia Woolf and an Encyclopedia set to a coffee shop complete with an outdoor sandwich board, these are more magical for adults than kids.  

There is nothing that awakens my childhood insistence on the existence of unicorns quite like a ½-inch tall breadmaker. If you’ve made a mental note of this person sharing Facebook videos of tiny things, this definitely falls into the category of thoughtful gifts. It’s the sweetest type of escapism, really. Also an excellent gift for people who have everything, including patience.

How to Find a Gift for the Person Who Has Everything?

Notice them: what they share, where they hurt, their complaints and delights. Gifts are a way of showing someone that you notice, appreciate, and support them. Don’t just give them a new dish towel (unless, of course, you noticed they could use a new one, they just redecorated their kitchen, or you know they love doing dishes… then you’re right on track).

By Christine Koth . Tue Nov 10

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