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Step 2: Releasing the Muscles of the Back of the Hip with the Hip Flexor Release Ball

After you've released the front of your hip using either the Hip Flexor Release Ball or the Hip Hook, found here you want to also make sure that the muscles in the back of your hip are also relaxed because they tend to play tug of war with each other. When you have tightness in the front of your hip, it's very common to have tightness in the back of your hip as well.

This is always followed by the realignment exercise which you can find here.

So what you do for step two is lie on your back and you take the Hip Flexor Release Ball. You can also use a tennis ball. You lie and do a bridge basically so that you can gently place your body on top of the ball and try different positions to find where the tightness is.

Once you find this tightness, you're going to hold prolong pressure. That means finding the spot and holding it for 30 to 90 seconds. This is really important. This is what allows that muscle to actually relax and change how your brain is holding tension in that muscle. Once that muscle relaxes feel free to move to a different spot.

Some little tips include moving your body to the same side where the ball is, if you rotate your body over to that side, sometimes you can access different aspects of the muscle, even a little bit, rotating your trunk a little bit as well. And you know, by spending maybe two minutes exploring that area. After you've done the front of the body can really make a big difference. And this is step two of the three simple steps that I talked about in my book.

The ball is useful but not the best tool for releasing the italics. This is also why I designed the world's first tool designed specifically to release the iliacus muscle - The Hip Hook.

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By Christine Koth . Mon Jul 06

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