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Unique Holiday Gifts for Runners

Are you shopping for a runner this holiday season?

Not a runner but have to shop for one? Well, we've got you covered. You don't need to understand their hobby to blow them away with one of the products we have outlined below. These gifts ensure they stay injury-free and keep pounding the pavement they love so much!

Running Gifts That Hold Your Stuff

First up is for the person who enjoys running but may not be extreme about it. By extreme, we mean the spandex running outfit equipped with a utility belt. If that's not your person, then look no further. With the Koala Clip or Buddy Pouch, you can turn any of your athletic wear into phone friendly attire. The Koala Clip will work with just about any sports bra and, if that's not your fancy, the Buddy Pouch uses magnets and slips over your waistband to stay in place. Keep your phone, mask, and keys handy with either one of these perfect gifts for casual runners.

Koala Clip

Buddy Pouch

Recovery Gifts for Runners

NUUN Sport Tabs

Did you know performance can be impaired by as little as a 2% drop in hydration levels? 5% can drop performance output by as much as 30%! The answer is not about how much water you drink, but how much you absorb! For athletic individuals, adding electrolytes into their water is MANDATORY. We cannot replenish potassium and magnesium levels at these amounts by diet alone. This is where NUUN tabs come in. Just plop them into any water bottle and begin absorbing the water you're drinking! Also, we have no idea what NUUN stands for, so please let us know if you do.

Get Yo Drink On

CEP Compression Sleeves

Any runner will tell you they have no problem hitting the road, but their stretching and recovery routine could always use a boost. By adding compression sleeves, sleeves, or pants, your runner can not only improve their running performance by wearing compression garments while running but where these products shine is their ability to help you recover at night while you sleep. All one has to do is slap these puppies on after a hard run, and they'll love the increased spring in their steps the next morning.

There are many choices available. If you are unsure, we recommend starting with the calf sleeves!

The Hip Hook

Have you ever heard of your hip flexor? No? How about back pain, knee pain, hip pain, plantar fasciitis, bunions, or sciatica? If you or your runner suffers from any of these, your hip flexors need some TLC. The Hip Hook is the first muscle-release tool specifically designed to release the iliopsoas muscle, which is our primary hip flexor. This muscle tends to get tight and can cause rotation in our pelvis; this misalignment can cause countless issues from the big toe to your neck. Utilizing pressure, we can effectively get the psoas and the iliacus to relax due to the ability of the Hip Hook to pivot up into the muscle.


It wouldn't be complete without mentioning possibly the most significant technological advancement athletes, and runners alike have had to their recovery in decades. The TheraGun is unlike anything you've ever tried. With impressive power for something rechargeable, the TheraGun can melt the tightest of tissue into butter in minutes. Use it on the bottom of your feet, calves, hamstrings, quads, and glutes before and after a run, and feel how good it can be to have your muscles working knot-free.

With three different options, you can find a massage gun for any budget!

Warm Up and Mobility Gifts for Runners

Sling Shot Hip Circle Bands 

Sling Shot Hip Circles are the game changers to the exercise band industry. Using elastic-fabric lined with a rubber grip, they don't slip; or roll over and stretch out like latex exercise bands. They are washable, heavy-duty, and built to last. We want to reiterate they don't snap, roll or pull on your skin, and stay in place even over clothing. We even have a couple of personal trainers who work for us and swear by these bands with their clients. ⁣

⁣Whether you are trying to rehab a hip issue, strengthen a muscle, or revamp your warm-up or workout routine, we can't recommend these bands enough! ⁣There are a few different options when it comes to Sling Shot bands. ⁣The Hip Circle is your heavy-duty band for glute work. They are primarily used for strengthening.

The Sport Pack consists of three bands: light, medium, and moderate resistance that can be used for various workouts, activation & strengthening activities. These are what we recommend for runners. The sport pack allows for more dynamic exercises where you can easily add resistance anywhere, anytime. They come in sizes S/M L/XL so be sure you choose accordingly! ⁣

The Mobility Pack covers all your muscle maintenance needs. This is where we want to activate the smaller support muscles. It's super important to have correct resistance for the job; too heavy a band and the big muscles take over, too light, and the muscles won't get fatigued enough to grow stronger. The mobility pack bands come in 3 lengths 16", 22", 28". ⁣

⁣If you are going to invest in bands, make sure they are Sling Shot. These truly stand the test of time, and you will not be disappointed!

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By Christine Koth . Tue Nov 24

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