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July 2020

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Aletha Customer Countries


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Wellness Tools to Help with Stiffness or Soreness

Hip Hook Featured in Runner's World

Tools for Mobilizing the Hip Flexors

Bicycling Magazine

June 21, 2022 - How to improve lower back pain when cycling

Sports Illustrated

April 7, 2022 - The NUCKLE is the best foam roller for the neck and shoulders

A to Z Running Podcast

February 16, 2022 - Hip flexor health with Christine Koth, MPT

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Developed manual iliacus release technique


Realized a need for an official psoas & iliacus release tool


Started designing prototypes


Outgrew garage as a Hip Hook fulfillment center


Hip Hook pro users in all major sports: NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and Ironman


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Feb 2021 ~ Mar ~ Sep

Improvising with homemade iliacus release tools


Tight Hip Twisted Core is an Amazon bestseller

Jan 2019

First Hip Hook shipped

Jul 2020

15k Hip Hooks sold

Feb 2021

Nuckle launch

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“I've been a PT for 22 years and I wish I had thought of this.”

Marci had chronic back pain on one side from marathons, triathlons, and Jiu-Jitsu. The Hip Hook replicates what she does with her hands for her patient, and finally has a way to work on her own body!

“Two minutes was all it took and instantly my knee felt better”

Mark had tendonitis creating pain on the inside of his right knee and was given the usual advice by his doctor: ice, wrap it and take pain relievers. It wasn't working. He wanted something more.

“It's the only tool that ultimately addressed my tight hip flexors and solved my pain”

Taylor had two hernias when he was playing on the Mens National Soccer Team, plus chronic groin pain and lower back pain that was getting worse with age. Not only did the Hip Hook get rid of his pain, but it helped him figure out find what his core issue was: a torn labrum.

“The first time I used the Hip Hook, I stood up and my pain was 80% gone.”

Tony struggled for decades with intense chronic pain after 20 years of flight service in the Navy and a car accident rendered him disabled. He’d tried so many different tools and therapies, and the Hip Hook made the difference.

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