At Aletha, we take a different angle.

We believe simple changes lead to profound results, and health shouldn't be hard.

So we sort through all the possibilities to create the one tool you need.

We take a different angle on symptoms

Muscle tension is an important part of the pain puzzle, and it takes experts to create the innovative resources and tools for effective relief, exactly where you need it.

We will continue to question the status quo in order to deeply understand the problem.

Because not every muscle benefits from a lacrosse ball.

We take a different angle on customer support

When you purchase from Aletha, you don’t just get a product. You get a team of trainers, therapists, educators, and BFFs ready to support and celebrate your success.

We hang out to make sure you’re getting the relief and information you need, and our virtual doors are always open.

Our Story

Christine Koth, MPT

Licensed Physical Therapist
Creator of the Hip Hook
Iliacus Queen

After working as a Physical Therapist for decades, a pattern started to emerge. Tightness in the iliacus caused by too much sitting, overuse in athletics, or being too flexible was causing problems all over the body.After mastering how to release the iliacus with my own hands for my clients, I went on a mission to share these discoveries with the world with my bestselling book, Tight Hip, Twisted Core – The Key to Unresolved Pain.

This is how it all started, with my hope that this hidden cause of pain can be resolved by all. I went on to develop a self-release tool for the psoas and iliacus muscles, the Hip Hook, so people everywhere could empower themselves and get rid of pain on their own. It is the only tool that effectively targets the iliacus muscle and releases tension the way only a professionally trained PT can.

My frustration witnessing countless people struggling to uncover their path to wellness in many areas expanded my mission. I hate to see people struggle with the complex maze of health information, unable to find the true cause and stop treating the symptoms. Aletha, whose name is derived from the Greek goddess of unveiling the truth, embodies this dream. I created Aletha so we can all have access to the simple truths and tools to truly optimize our health. Health shouldn’t be hard and the Hip Hook is just the beginning.

Shridhar Swaminathan

Co-founder, Aletha Health

As a serial entrepreneur for over 20 years,, Shridhar Swaminathan is recognized as a leader in technology and investing. Inspired by their mutual dedication to staying healthy, he co-founded Aletha Inc with his wife and partner, while recovering from a hip injury due to an overzealous relationship with Crossfit.

Prior to starting Aletha, Shri led technology at a startup hedge fund for over 12 years, helping to grow the fund to 8 billion USD AUM and resulting in a recent acquisition. In the other 24-hours of his day, he is also a co-founder in a stealth mode fintech startup, due to be launched 2021.Shri is a graduate of Engineering, majoring in Electrical and Electronics, from Madras University and has finished his CFA Level 2 program. He currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Christine. When they are not inventing products or creating businesses, you can find them hiking or playing tennis.

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