Base & Balance

Activate to penetrate. Stabalize to
prevent. Engage to optimize.

At Last

Getting the band back together

Strong and mobile hips support the body’s ability to produce force, power, and speed to increase performance. The hips and glutes are key muscles that have become weak as a result of tight hip flexors and misalignment of the pelvis. Over time, this creates wear and tear on the structures of your body and leads to pain.

Specs & Tech

Comfort is key. The Band won’t irritate skin or pull hairs.


polyethylene terephthalate (PET)


Weight: 4 oz

Width: 3.15 IN

Length: 15 IN

Height: 0.25 IN

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Band differ from other exercise bands?

The Band is premium, soft, and non-slip. Designed for comfort, it will not rip out your leg hairs or irritate your skin like other rubber exercise bands might.

How do I use the Band?

Simply loop the Band around your legs and start performing exercises.

How strong is the Band?

The Band is a medium-strength resistance band, providing between 30-50 lbs of resistance depending on the amount of tension created on the band.

Will the Band address my pain?

When the hips are weak, muscle imbalances begin to develop in the surrounding areas of the body. The hip flexors start to take over and tighten. The way you walk and move changes. These imbalances can pull your bones out of their natural alignment.

For best results, first use the Mark and the Orbit to release tension around the hips to relax the muscles around your core and improve the alignment of your pelvis. This puts you in the most optimal position to begin strengthening and stabilizing your body with the Band.

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