Innovation and Intellectual Property at Aletha Health

In line with the virtual marking provisions of jurisdictions worldwide, including the America Invents Act, Aletha Health is proud to showcase a selection of our extensive patent portfolio. This page serves as a notice under 35 U.S.C. § 271(a) and 35 U.S.C. § 287(a), highlighting the innovative spirit and commitment to excellence that drives our work. Our patent portfolio not only protects our unique designs and technologies but also underscores our dedication to advancing the industry. Please note, this listing is periodically updated and may not reflect our latest intellectual achievements.

Our Protected Innovations

Mark Series
Protected Under:

United States Patent No. 11,246,791

This patent covers the unique ergonomic design and innovative technology that set the Mark series apart in the U.S. market.

Canadian Design Registration No. 196728

Acknowledging the distinct aesthetic and functional design of the Mark series, protected in Canada.

International Design Registration No. DM/208896

Secures the Mark series' design integrity on an international scale, recognizing its global appeal.

European Union Design Registration No. DM/208896

Affirms the Mark series' innovative design across the European Union, ensuring its unique position in the market.

Australian Design Registration No. 202013372

Protects the innovative design of the Mark series within Australia, highlighting Aletha's commitment to innovation worldwide.

Range Series
Protected Under:

United States Design Patent No. D982,769

This patent safeguards the innovative design and functionality of the Range series, exclusively in the United States.

Australian Design Registration No. 202210885

Ensures the unique design of the Range series is recognized and protected in Australia, affirming its distinctive qualities.

Canadian Design Registration No. 213261

Grants protection to the Range series' design in Canada, highlighting Aletha's dedication to securing its innovations.

Ongoing Innovation

In addition to the patents listed, Aletha Health is continuously expanding its portfolio with pending patent applications in the United States and internationally. This active pursuit of innovation reflects our commitment to developing cutting-edge solutions and securing their protection globally.

Global Patent Strategy

Aletha's intellectual property strategy encompasses key global markets, ensuring our innovations are protected worldwide. Our comprehensive approach to IP protection is a testament to our global reach and dedication to safeguarding our advancements.

Contact Us

For more detailed inquiries regarding our patent portfolio or to discuss potential collaboration opportunities, please contact us. Our team is eager to explore how Aletha's patented technologies and designs can contribute to your success.


This webpage is intended for informational purposes only and is updated periodically. The patents and designs listed are representative of Aletha's portfolio and do not constitute an exhaustive list. For the most current information on Aletha's patents, please contact our legal department.