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Best Gifts for Runners to Improve Their Time

It’s that time of the year again, where you find yourself searching for the best gifts for runners. You know that they love to run, but so does everybody else, and you want to offer them a unique gift.

Surely, they don’t need another pair of running shoes and already have that lucky pair of running socks (that they probably don’t wash enough). Maybe they also have so many sets of running clothes that they have their own dedicated section of the closet.

You need to get them the best gift for runners, but it needs to be useful.

For the person who has everything, we need to get creative and think differently to find those cool and unique gift ideas for runners that they’ll love. Something that they’ll actually use over and over again because they feel and experience the true value provided by your gift.

We’ve got some fresh ideas.

Whether they enjoy running marathons, cross country, trail running, or simply love getting outside for a jog on the weekends, these are the best gifts for runners that we’ve come up with to help them all run pain-free, recover better, and improve their time.

Gifts for Runners with Back, Hip, or Knee Pain

Hip Hook by Aletha

The Hip Hook is Aletha’s newest product and makes for a great gift for runners!

This is the only muscle release tool designed specifically to get into the psoas AND iliacus. When these two hip flexor muscles become tight and restricted, they can contribute to different kinds of back, hip, and knee pain.

Many runners have tightness in their hip flexors because those muscles are constantly being used with each stride during a run. Add in all of the miles they’ve run over the course of the years, plus the excess amount of sitting we do on a daily basis, and you can begin to imagine how these muscles shorten and tighten up.

While adding in some daily stretching may help, the muscles are likely going to need some additional pressure placed upon them for the most effective and long-lasting results. If you’ve ever attempted to get into your own psoas or iliacus muscle to massage it, you know that it isn’t an easy thing to do. A foam roller or a lacrosse ball isn’t quite able to get in there effectively, either.

The Hip Hook solves this challenge for people, replicating the precision and angular pressure needed to effectively release each of these muscles as they relax their body over the tool. Because of this, the Hip Hook is quickly gaining popularity among the running community (and more!).

Of all the possible gifts for runners that you could get, imagine giving someone the gift of running pain-free by giving them a Hip Hook!

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Gifts for Runners to Help with Recovery

Theragun Mini by Therabody

As the volume or intensity of each run increases, so does the importance of a proper recovery. Without adequately recovering from your last workout, it makes it very difficult to continue performing at your best with each successive session.

While getting a massage is nice and feels amazing, the time and cost to do this on a consistent basis likely isn’t something that many people can afford to do. Even though just one massage can help them out, we’ll encourage you to think about something different that they can use time and time again for similar results.

That’s where some of Therabody’s massage tools come into play, like the Theragun Mini. This is a small and portable massage gun that is able to provide your sore and tender muscles with some percussive therapy, helping to improve your rate of recovery by increasing blood flow to these areas.

This is the perfect device to have with you in your gym bag, on race day, at home or in the office, or to take with you while you are on the go to use to help get your body feeling right!

Gifts for Runners to Help with Strength & Resistance Training

Resistance Bands by Flexvit

The addition of resistance bands to a runner’s strength training routine can have positive effects on how their body feels and how they perform on race day. Here are some amazing potential benefits as they apply to runners: they’ve easy to carry around, help increase strength and stability, and target those little smaller muscles around the hips.

With all of these benefits, it is easy to see why so many runners and people incorporate the use of resistance bands into their workouts. If the runner you are shopping for doesn’t currently use these bands, this might just make the perfect gift to help them stay strong and healthy.

The bands from Flexvit are high-quality bands that are made of a fabric material that provides a more comfortable grip and feel for your body compared to the traditional resistance bands made of rubber latex materials. They are also washable if they get dirty or sweaty following your workouts.

The bands come in all strengths and sizes to fit their exact needs and current training levels, making it a great gift for runners whether they are newer to training or more experienced.

Gifts for Runners to Track Their Performance

Forerunner GPS Watch by Garmin

The Forerunner GPS Watch makes for a great gift for runners who love technology, are serious about competing, and are highly motivated to set a new personal record the next time they train. With tons of different available features– like tracking your heart rate and running pace, mapping your route, and estimating VO2 Max– you can find the one that fits that runner you are shopping for.

For a more expansive listing of the features available on each model of the Forerunner GPS Watch by Garmin, check out their website to learn more.

Help the runner in your life take their training to the next level with one of these watches!

We hope this helped you discover more gift ideas for runners to be able to make a decision and check that one off of your list. If you are interested, here’s an article we’ve written that will help you take care of any golfers that you are shopping for.

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By Bobby West . Tue Nov 24

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