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Hip Hook vs. Pso-Rite: Psoas release tool showdown

Here's what to consider when choosing a psoas release tool.

Do you think your psoas is the cause of your problems or perhaps you know for a fact? In this blog, you will learn about each product's pros and cons so that you can make the best decision for yourself!

Hip Hook Benefits

We will start alphabetically with the Hip Hook.

The Hip Hook was designed by a physical therapist to release tension the iliopsoas (iliacus + psoas). By lying on the Hip Hook, you initially put pressure on the psoas muscle. Once the hook has sunk in and you have relaxed into it, it's time for the magic. Utilizing angular pressure, pushing down on the lever, results in the Hip Hook pivoting up into the iliacus muscle, effectively releasing both hip flexor muscles.

Think about it this way: if you have tight hip flexors that only tighten up when you stretch them, you require pressure. But you need to apply pressure to both the psoas and the iliacus muscle to release the entire iliopsoas muscle.

Only releasing the psoas and ignoring the iliacus would be like only moving your front tires off the railroad tracks for an oncoming train; you might survive, but it's not the best decision. There are two parts to the iliopsoas, and the Hip Hook has been designed to use angular pressure and leverage to effectively release both in the same way a physical therapist or massage therapist could do.

For the chart people:

Hip Hook Pso-Rite Comparison

The Hip Hook is about precision, no different than a sniper rifle. The Pso-Rite is a shotgun. It covers the spread. You can use the Pso-Rite on the glutes, hamstrings, calves, shoulder, pec, biceps etc. This will be perpendicular pressure (straight up and down), and you will not be able to effectively release the psoas and iliacus. Like any problem, you need the correct tool for the job.

Renowned Tri-Athlete Matt Hanson shows us the differences in his 'Ask the Pro(f)' breakdown.

Bobby & David briefly describe the differences between the two products.

Pso-Rite vs Hip Hook Review

The makers of the Pso-Rite brought psoas release into the mainstream, and we are so thankful for that. If you purchase the Pso-Rite and it provides you relief, that makes us so happy, as that fits with our mission of ridding the world of unnecessary pain.

The hip flexor complex is, well, complex. What may work for you may not work for others. That is why we genuinely want you to find the best tool for you! The Pso-Rite may work on your psoas, but it can't reach the iliacus effectively because it wasn't designed to do so.

If you have general hip or quad tightness and it's not causing you pain or getting in the way of your life, the Pso-Rite may be a good starting point as it allows for use elsewhere in the body.

Now, if the Pso-Rite didn't work for you, or if your hip flexors are causing pain in the hip, back, down into the knee or even up into the ribs, shoulder or neck, then you NEED a precision tool to get at the muscle effectively to relieve that long-standing tension.

We only hope to provide the correct information so that you make the most informed decision. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions via our Instagram or contact us directly info@alethahealth.com to see if the Hip Hook is right for you!

You can get The Hip Hook alone or bundle all of our products together in the #FixYourHipKit, which comes with the book, Tight Hip Twisted Core (the guide to solving your pain), the Hip Flexor Release Ball (a massage ball that can help you release the low back, glutes, and other muscles of the body), as well as the Hip Resistance Band (a loop band to help strengthen your glutes and outer hip muscles).

Happy Hip Healing!

Frequently asked questions about the Hip Hook

How does the Hip Hook work?

The Hip Hook is a psoas release tool and iliacus release tools designed by physical therapist to specifically address muscle tension and tightness in your hip flexors. Using your own body weight to apply pressure to your muscles, you will first lay yourself over the tool with the platform of the Hip Hook flat on the ground to address the psoas. Then, by reaching back with your arm to press down on the handle of the Hip Hook, the tool will rotate and be pressing on the iliacus.

How does the Hip Hook compare to other hip flexor release tools?

The Hip Hook is different because it is designed to release BOTH the iliacus and psoas muscles – the 2 muscles that make up your body's main hip flexor, the iliopsoas. Other hip flexor release tools or balls primarily address the psoas muscle without giving the proper attention to the iliacus. Releasing both of these muscles may lead to better and longer-lasting results compared to releasing the psoas alone.

How does the Hip Hook compare to a massage therapy ball?

Due to its rounded shape, a massage therapy ball can apply broad pressure to the psoas muscle and may have difficulty accessing the iliacus muscle on the inside surface of the pelvic bone (or ilium). The Hip Hook has a tip that can apply more precise pressure to the psoas muscle and also has the ability to rotate and access the iliacus muscle at an angle.

By Christine Koth . Wed Nov 27

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