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Are You Feeling That Stretch Correctly? How to Know if You're Over-Stretching

You may be wondering what you're supposed to feel when you do certain motions or certain exercises or stretches, and this is a really important question to know. There are so many times that I work with people and they're given a particular stretch or a particular exercise. For example, I'm giving them a stretch to open up their chest muscle and stretch out their chest. We do it in the clinic and I give them an exercise, and they take it home and they're doing it. And when I check with them to see how it's going and they say, "Well yeah, it's going great. I can feel it, I really feel it." And when I ask them what they feel they'll say something like, "Oh I feel it here, or I'll feel it in my shoulder or I feel it really stretching in my shoulder blade." And that's not what supposed to happen.

How do I know if I'm stretching correctly?

When you stretch your chest, you should feel it in the front, for example. It's really important whether you're doing a prolonged release of a muscle or a stretching or even doing an exercise it is important you know what you're supposed to feel. If you're feeling something that is different than what you're supposed to feel, then it's likely you're doing the exercise or stretch incorrectly, which could be dangerous, it could be irritating something that you don't intend. Or you're not getting the desired effect of the stretch or exercise. So, when you learn something, whether you're learning something at a yoga class or your therapist is teaching you, or in an exercise class, to really ask, "What am I supposed to feel? Where am I supposed to feel that?" And compare that with what you actually are feeling so that you know that you're doing the exercise correctly.

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By Christine Koth . Mon Jul 06

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Uncovering the cause of your pain is my mission. As a bestselling author and holistic physical therapist with decades of experience, I have helped countless people, just like you, recover from long-standing issues. I've discovered a major cause of pain hidden in the hip and this has lead to my "Iliacus Queen" and hip expert status. I'm here to help you discover causes like this. It doesn't have to be complicated to live a pain-free life. We can do this. I look forward to supporting you on your healing journey.