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What is the Current Hip Hook Promo Code?

People are asking for a Hip Hook promo code, so we’re making a special little spot on the internet for you to check out the current deals on the Hip Hook, Hip Flexor Release Ball, and the bestselling book: Tight Hip, Twisted Core. You deserve the best deal we can offer, and we fully support an investment in your health.

We’ve replaced a Hip Hook promo code with special package deals just for you.

Here are Aletha’s current Hip Hook Promo deals:

$50 OFF the #FixYourHipKit - a bundle of all three products for maximum pain reduction, PLUS the tools to prevent future tension and injuries.

Just want the Hip Hook? Lucky you: for a limited time, you’ll get $40 off the regular price.

Both deals include free ground shipping in the United States.

Now is a Good Time to Fix Your Hips

This year has not been kind to our hip flexors: from additional stress to less-than-comfortable work from home situations. Our hips and backs need some much-needed attention. That is why we are offering all of Aletha’s products bundled into the #FixYourHipKit at a $40 discount as a Hip Hook Best Deal.

What’s going on with my tight hip? Why can’t I figure out this lower back pain?

Based on decades of study and clinical practice, Tight Hip, Twisted Core gives you the 3 Simple Steps to live a pain-free life without surgeries, medications, or thousands of dollars. This book explains the major causes and patterns that lead to hip and back pain, along with the exercises and adjustments to relieve tension and prevent future issues. It’s an owner's manual for your core muscles and a complete guide to using the Hip Hook and Hip Flexor Release Ball.

The Hip Flexor Release Ball, included in the #FixYourHipKit Hip Hook Deal, is the perfect size and density to provide effective release of the general area around the iliacus and psoas muscles, and the perfect warm-up for the Hip Hook. The ball can also be used to help relieve tight muscles at the back of the hip, glutes, piriformis, hamstrings, and low back muscles. If you are super-tight, the ball is going to allow you to comfortably access all the nooks and crannies of your hip and glute muscles with broad pressure.

Benefits of Releasing the Psoas and Iliacus Muscles

The Hip Hook is the world’s first tool designed to specifically release tension in the iliacus muscle and address the root cause of the problem. These are muscles that can only be reached through specific, angled pressure.

  • Precise height to allow the perfect amount of pressure
  • Tip can pivot to provide pressure to the iliacus where it attaches to the pelvic bone
  • Weighted with a gripped bottom for precise placement
  • Rubber angled tip to be effective but comfortable

It eliminates tightness at the core of the hip flexor and quickly reduces strain in the legs, hips, and lower back.

The psoas and iliacus have been labeled as the most vital muscles in your body, and these tools can reduce iliacus and psoas injuries for runners and reverse the damage done by prolonged periods of sitting.

Take advantage of the Hip Hook Promo Codes (no code needed; just follow the link to the best hip hook deal!) and let’s get you back to running, playing, living, and laughing again.

By Christine Koth . Thu Nov 19

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Uncovering the cause of your pain is my mission. As a bestselling author and holistic physical therapist with decades of experience, I have helped countless people, just like you, recover from long-standing issues. I've discovered a major cause of pain hidden in the hip and this has lead to my "Iliacus Queen" and hip expert status. I'm here to help you discover causes like this. It doesn't have to be complicated to live a pain-free life. We can do this. I look forward to supporting you on your healing journey.