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Revolutionize your approach to well-being with The Set. A meticulously curated collection of four precision tools complemented by an insightful guidebook. Addressing the body's critical zones, this ensemble ensures unparalleled alignment and peak performance. Grounded in rigorous science and validated outcomes, The Set offers a transformative alternative to surgeries and medications. With this arsenal, you're not just managing pain; you're rewriting your body's future.

Alleviating tension in your body’s most critical areas with quick and effective tools.

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The Mark, a key element of The Set, is meticulously crafted to tackle a range of musculoskeletal challenges. From hip and SI joint pain to the nuances of leg length discrepancies and scoliosis, it offers targeted relief. It's also a solution for those facing the radiating discomfort of sciatica, piriformis syndrome, pelvic issues, and knee pain. With The Mark, it's about holistic care, addressing each concern to help you reclaim your body's natural balance.

The Range, another pivotal component of The Set, is designed with precision to alleviate the most common and debilitating ailments. Addressing the pervasive issues of neck pain and headaches, including migraines, it's a beacon of relief for many. The tool also aids in rectifying rounded shoulders and forward head posture, common culprits of modern lifestyles. Beyond that, it provides solace for those with shoulder and rotator cuff pain, upper back discomfort, and jaw pain. And for those burdened by the weight of chronic stress, The Range offers a tangible respite, guiding users towards a more balanced and pain-free existence.

The Orbit, a masterfully crafted tool within The Set, is Aletha Health's answer to deep-seated hip flexor tension. Designed to target the elusive psoas muscle, it's the key to unlocking a myriad of discomforts that stem from our sedentary lifestyles. Whether it's the nagging lower back pain, the tightness that radiates through the hips, or the discomfort felt in the thighs and groin, the Orbit offers a targeted approach. Its unique design ensures that the psoas, often overlooked yet crucial for our posture and movement, receives the attention it deserves. With the Orbit, users can delve deep, releasing tension and rediscovering the freedom of movement, all while promoting better posture and overall body alignment.

Meet the Band. Aletha Health's evolution of resistance training. Designed for Hips, Glutes, Thighs, Legs, and Core, this tool is more than just a band. With its distinct woven rubber design, it promises a grip that stays put, no matter the intensity. Every stretch, every pull is calibrated for maximum muscle engagement. From toning to strengthening, the Band ensures precision in every movement. Elevate your workouts with a tool that's as rigorous in design as you are in your fitness journey.

Your Essential Guide to Holistic Healing

Tight Hip Twisted Core

Dive into the pages of 'Tight Hip, Twisted Core' and embark on a journey of understanding, revelation, and empowerment. This book serves as a companion to Aletha's suite of products, offering deep insights into the science of pain and the body's incredible ability to heal. While our tools are intuitively designed for ease of use, this guide enriches your experience, shedding light on the intricacies of musculoskeletal health. It's not a prerequisite, but a treasure trove of knowledge for those eager to delve deeper into the world of holistic well-being.